What Healthy Foods Are Bad For Your Teeth

Foods that can lead to dental decay work by weakening the enamel. Food particles that become lodged in the spaces between your teeth may react with oral bacteria to cause problems for your oral health. Problem foods can wear down the tooth’s enamel and cause decay, which can result in cavities, gum disease, or even tooth loss, which isn’t good news for yourself or your Cheltenham dentist.

Keep in mind that you can enjoy problem foods and reduce the majority of the problems if you brush and floss your teeth. Here, we’ll examine how particular food types impact teeth and enumerate a few lesser-known foods that contribute to tooth decay.

What Healthy Foods Contribute to Tooth Decay?

Most people are aware of the health benefits these foods can have but rarely touch on how too much of these foods can harm their oral health. While you know all the bad foods for your teeth, they are usually those foods and drinks filled with sugar, like chocolate and ice cream.

These are the less-known foods that can cause tooth decay:

Cereal Bars

Whether it’s a quick morning snack before the working day starts or just like a snack throughout the day, they are usually so nice and delicious because they are high in sugar. More often than not, your fruity cereal bar also includes extra sweeteners.

To avoid this, look for healthier alternatives with a low amount of sugar and little to no sweeteners or invest in some natural fruit like apples to chomp into in the mornings.


Yoghurt is another common breakfast staple that has a surprising amount of sugar in it. The ones with the highest sugar content are fruit-flavoured ones, like strawberries; if you want to lower your exposure, try switching to plain Greek yoghurt or even gluten-free yoghurt I promise, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Salad Dressing

Eating a salad may seem like a healthy way to go, but popular salad dressings frequently contain high sugar content. The most devious offenders are balsamic vinaigrette and honey mustard. Get creative and look for inspiration online to make your healthy salad dressing. You could make this in bulk and use it whenever you want a salad.

Dried Fruits

When compared to their fresh counterparts, these have an exceptionally high sugar content per volume. You can see how quickly blood sugar levels can rise by comparing how many raisins you can eat at once to how many grapes. They are something you can miss out on with your meals, so opt for the fresh version instead.

Side Salads

In the belief that you are eating healthfully, you might decide to have a side salad and a piece of lean chicken, but these are frequently hidden sources of sugar. Salads like coleslaw and ones with nuts and dried fruits are frequently loaded with calories and unrecognised sugar. Pick your salad options wisely, as while you might think you are doing well, you’re worsening your overall health.

Final Thoughts

When in doubt, you can consult with your local dentist in Leamington Spa and find out what to skip during your meals. Everything in moderation is always healthy but looking out for your oral health should always be a priority.