How To Stick To Your Diet This January

It can be difficult to stick to your diet, particularly in winter. But these simple tips can help you stick more closely with your dietary goals.

Cut Out Alcohol

Alcohol contains high amounts of sugar and calories which are both bad news for your diet, reducing your weekly alcohol intake can help reduce the amount of calories you are consuming. If you are serious about your diet you could consider participating in dry January, where you do not drink alcohol for the entire month. In addition to the high-calorie count alcohol famously lowers your inhibitions which can make you more likely to eat foods full of fat, saturates and sugar that can all be bad news for your diet. Additionally drinking small amounts of alcohol can increase your appetite meaning that you may consume more food than you normally would which can be bad for your diet.

Check The Packaging Of Food And Beverages You Eat

Most food and drinks you find in a supermarket will have a food traffic light colour code system on the packaging; this system shows how much fat, saturates, sugar and salt are in food or drinks. Foods that have high amounts of any of these are marked red, this means that the food or drink should only be consumed occasionally and would be very bad for you if you consumed it too often. Food that has an amber or yellow colour can be consumed more frequently than those with red markings but still should not be consumed too regularly. Green markings mean that the food can be enjoyed whenever as it has low amounts of fat, saturates, sugar and salt. If you are concerned about your diet you could speak to your local dentist in Wakefield.

Don’t Buy Buscits Or Other Unhealthy Snacks, Buy Fruit Instead!

Fruit is an amazing source of energy to fuel you throughout the day, there is a large selection of flavours and textures to choose from. This means you are bound to find a kind of fruit that you enjoy. Whilst fruits contain sugar, it is a natural sugar which is better for you than the refined sugar that you will find in the vast majority of food and drink we consume every day.

Eat Full-Fat Foods

It may seem counterintuitive to choose full-fat foods instead of reduced-fat food that is marketed towards people on the diet. However, eating full-fat food can mean that you are fulfilled for longer after meals meaning you are less likely to reach for the sugary, fat-filled snacks. Ensuring that you satisfy your hunger with proper food in the first place during meals can be better for you overall than still being hungry after mealtimes.

Take Lunch To Work Instead Of Buying It

Preparing your lunch and taking it to work can be better for your diet than buying food at takeaway places or getting meal deals. If you make your food yourself such as making yourself a sandwich the night before means that you have a better idea of what goes into the food you are eating. Helping you to make healthier choices and save money at the same time! You could even spend the money you are saving on a gym subscription. Making better food choices can improve the way your teeth looks, but to take things a step further you could visit your local cosmetic dentist in Leeds who will be happy to discuss options with you.


Making healthier choices can help you stick to your diet and save you money in some cases.