Inside Peace By Steven Halpern

inner peaceIn Yoga Journal’s upcoming on-line course, Yoga for Inside Peace, Colleen Saidman Yee affords yogic practices to transform your physique, thoughts, and heart, and help YOU in your personal journey towards interior peace. Believing we are liked comes with understanding who we’re, not judging ourselves or others for mistakes we make, and from every day meditation wherein we really feel the unconditional love of something better than ourselves. I feel like this post was meant PARTICULARLY for me. I smile on the surface, and i have been told that I’m just the sweetest person, but by some means, that inside peace continues to elude me, because of the adverse thoughts. Inside peace drives external perfection, and external perfection drives more internal peace. Internal Peace began as Interior Peace Day, a world celebration of 21 March because the World Day for Inside Peace.

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