Soursop fruit efficacy

Who doesn’t know about soursop? This one fruit is certainly familiar to us all. Soursop fruit may not be the belle of most people, but make no mistake soursop is a fruit that contains a lot of nutrients. Of course it’s not new about soursop leaves that have extraordinary properties in the world of health. But in fact not just leaves, soursop fruit also has some properties that are good enough for health. Okay guys, let’s review more about some of the properties of soursop through the list below.

Ward off cholesterol

Soursop juice contains several types of vitamins such as vitamin C and B2. Besides the soursop fruit content there are also a variety of important nutrients including a high fiber content. The fiber contained in soursop helps good absorption from bad cholesterol. Fiber also plays an important role in improving the digestive system and the body’s metabolism. In a study showed that in 100 grams of soursop fruit is able to meet the body’s daily fiber needs as much as 13{185567e0e14a13e72632515df8c182971bd00af9dd147183cb3219042cca3e17}.

Suppress hypertension

The efficacy of soursop fruit next is to help reduce high blood pressure. Fresh soursop contains active substances that are useful in helping to lower blood pressure.

Enhance immunity

The content of vitamin C is very high in soursop fruit is very important in boosting the immune system. Soursop fruit weighing 300 grams contains 60 milligrams of vitamin C. With the fulfillment of vitamin C needs, the body is able to protect the body’s immune system which is very important in counteracting free radicals.

Benefits of soursop for bones

The next efficacy of soursop is to improve bone health. This is due to the content of phosphorus and copper substances in soursop fruit. Phosphorus helps maintain bone health, while copper helps calcium absorption.

Get rid of boils

Ulcer is a disease that is not dangerous, but very disturbing appearance and your daily activities. Soursop efficacy can be used as an external medicine for ulcers. The trick is to separate the soursop fruit with its contents. After the contents are separated, mash the soursop fruit until soft as mush. Apply soursop mixture on the skin affected by boils and allow it to dry. After dry, rinse and clean with warm water.

Moisturize the skin

Soursop fruit is also quite good for the skin. Soursop fruit consumption helps maintain healthy skin from the inside. Soursop fruit can also be applied directly to the skin as used as a face mask.

Cure migraines

Soursop fruit is also good when consumed with migraines. The content of vitamin B2 or riboflavin as mentioned above, helps relieve migraines.

Benefits of other soursop fruit

The benefits of soursop for health are still very many, such as overcoming hemorrhoids, treating gout, back pain, plague (liver), liver disease, eczema and rheumatism, diarrhea in infants and prevent cancer. It’s time to multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Enter soursop in your daily intake. Similarly, a review of the extraordinary properties of soursop fruit.