First aid officer training (First Aid In Accident)

  • Work for the company concerned;
  • healthy and spiritual health;
  • willing to be appointed as first aid officer; and
  • have basic knowledge and skills in the field of first aid in the workplace as evidenced by a training certificate

Training Objectives

This training aims to increase knowledge, First Aid Training Malaysia understanding, and understanding of the implementation of first aid in the workplace and also improve skills in conducting first aid against sudden illness and workplace accidents.

First Aid Officer Training Material

  1. Regulations relating to First Aid in accidents
  2. Basics of Occupational Health
  3. Basics of First Aid in an accident
  4. Anatomy and physiology of the human body
  5. Guidelines for Provision of First Aid Facilities
  6. Danger and handling of heat shock, poisoning, exposure to chemicals, seizures.
  7. Local disorders (wounds, bleeding, burns, broken bones) and their relief measures.
  8. Awareness of Consciousness and relief measures
  9. Respiratory Disorders and relief measures
  10. Circulatory disorders and relief measures
  11. Pulmonary heart resuscitation
  12. Evacuation of victims (Procedures and Transport of victims)
  13. First aid kit in certain circumstances (first aid kit for accidents in a closed/limited room and electric shock first aid kit)
  14. Practice

First aid action

Relief measures that must be taken include:

  • Assess the situation

Pay attention to situations that occur quickly and safely. First Aid training  Recognize the dangers that threaten yourself, victims and others. Pay attention to the existing sources of danger and the right type of help. Relief actions are carried out calmly. Also, note that there will be aftershocks.

  • Securing the scene

Pay attention to the factors causing the accident. Prioritize your own safety. Keep the victim away from danger in a safe manner and pay attention to personal safety (with protective equipment). Get rid of the source of danger (for example disconnecting the power, turn off the engine that is still operating) and remove the hazard factor (for example by turning on the exhaust fan). Mark the scene so that other people know that there is danger in that place.

  • Provide help

The first thing to do is to assess the condition of the victim. This can be done by checking awareness, breathing, blood circulation, and local disorders. Then determine the status of the victim and the priority for the action of giving help. Providing assistance according to the status of the victim can be done by the following methods:

  • Lay the victim with his head lower than his body
  • If there is a stop breath or heart, give pulmonary heart resuscitation
  • Cover the victim
  • If minor injuries treat as needed
  • If the wound is severe, immediately seek appropriate medical helpCERT Academy are Malaysia’s Leading Training Providers in First Aid, CPR & AED. CERT Academy conducts public classes and In-House Training Sessions throughout Malaysia.