Best car rental service for your doctors check up

Due to the currently rampaging COVID-19 pandemic, many people have decided to avoid air travels and instead travel by road. This has made those without cars to patronage car rental services for their daily activities such as normal routine medical check-up with their doctors.

The below are some of the best car rental services that you might want to consider giving a try?


Hertz have for the past decade’s build-up a reputation of having a large number of locations situated in airports with various cars and a captivating rewards program. They offer a week rental at $420 plus fees and taxes. They currently have a 15-point cleaning checklist and a Hertz gold standard clean sticker for sanitized cars that are removed when you use the car for the first time, all included as their COVID-19 cleaning policy.


Turo unlike most car rental shops does not have a long industry stay. Turo allows you to place your cars for rent and rent from persons that want to rent. They provide customers with clearly explained insurance plans, while also offering 24/7 support services. You are required to sanitize the car after use with spray or disinfectant wipes. You should visit to read reviews of Turo before patronizing them.

National Car Rental

National car rental maintains to offer proud customer service. Their weekly rental fee plus tax stands at $573. Their cleaning policy is easy due to their adoption of the clean pledge that involves sanitizing with disinfectants that are certified by respective authorities, complete wipe down, washing and vacuuming.

Alamo Rent a Car

Alamo Rent a Car is one of the household names in the car rental industry. Their weekly rental fee plus tax stands at $395 and adopts the cleaning pledge policy. Although their location is small in contrast to their competitors.

Enterprise Rent A Car

Enterprise Rent A Car has built a niche for itself in the industry with various surveys. They rent their cars including taxes at $462. Their cleaning policy is in line with the clean pledge that involves vacuuming, washing, sanitizing and total wipe down with focus to 20 plus high touch points.

Other rental services that you might want to use their services includes:


Budget is located in various places though it’s loyalty program is not encouraging coupled with their pick up from airports that may attract additional fees.


Sixt is a company with a large customer base within the European continent. It can currently be found in the US marketplace where it is making moves.

Dollar, Thrifty and Axis

Dollar, Thrifty and Axis are all car rental service companies that provide cars for customers offering different quotes. Their locations are few unlike most of the major industry players and a weekly loyalty service.

Although there are different car rental services out there, depending on the type of car you need to visit your doctor, you should be sure to find quality and durable cars that are kept safe in line with COVID-19 regulations.