A new way of cleaning toddlers’ ears that is safe and effective and does not harm

Protecting the cleaning toddlers ears limbs such as ears is very important. The method of sterilizing the baby’s ears is also mandatory to keep him safe. Indiscriminately sterilizing the ears can cause other health problems.

There is also the purpose of sterilizing the baby’s ears is to reduce the risk of ear inflammation which is not good for health. Not only that, he will be safer when his ears are clean from dirt.

cleaning toddlers ears

Earwax that accumulates can cause several bad things as follows:

  • Ears are not safe and itchy
  • Painful ears that are hard to heal
  • Hearing impairment
  • Ears ringing
  • External ear canal inflammation
  • Middle ear inflammation
  • Broken eardrum

Isn’t it scary as a result? For that, you need to regularly sterilize your baby’s ears, right!

The Right Time to Sterilize Baby’s Ears

Mothers should sterilize the baby’s ears at least once every 2 weeks after he bathes. If the dirt doesn’t seem to have accumulated very much, you can just sterilize the outer ear area. No need to sterilize up to the ear canal.

But if earwax has accumulated and your baby looks unsafe with his ears, you should ask your doctor so that it can be handled properly. Doctors can provide a comfortable ear cleaning fluid for your baby. This fluid can be given according to the doctor’s instructions.

The following is a method of sterilizing the baby’s ears properly and correctly:

Prepare a washcloth and warm water

The first thing you must do is prepare a washcloth and warm water. Dip the washcloth in lukewarm water, then wring out the washcloth until no water remains. However, do not squeeze or squeeze the towel near the baby’s ear hole so that water does not enter his ear.

After that rinse the outside of the toddler’s ears gently. Not only washcloths, you can also sterilize your baby’s ears by using a round cotton swab that has been moistened with lukewarm water.

Use Olive Oil or Baby Oil

It’s not often that the child’s earwax becomes dry because it is not cleaned often. Therefore, you can moisturize the inside of your toddler’s ears by using olive oil or baby oil.

Simply put a few drops of oil into the ear then wait a few minutes. Over time the dirt will be soft and come out on its own from the ear hole. You don’t need to pick it up.

The method of sterilizing a toddler’s ears with this method does take quite a long time, because olive oil can’t immediately make feces soft. For that, you can do this method several times to get optimal results.

Use Cleaning Liquid If Needed

If your little one’s ears look dirty, you can use ear cleaning fluid. This is a method of sterilizing the baby’s ears with another type. Ear cleaning fluid is usually relatively comfortable for the baby. If in doubt, you can ask your doctor first.

The following are the steps to sterilize toddler’s ears by using cleaning fluid:

Prepare the cleaning fluid first

Read the explanatory instructions on the cleaning liquid packaging

Wash your hands thoroughly with running water

Make sure your baby is in a calm condition when you want to sterilize his ears with cleaning fluid

Tilt the baby’s head so the ears are facing up

To straighten the position of the ear canal, Moms can pull Pull the baby’s ear leaves

Long drip cleaning liquid into the baby’s ear canal

Do not allow the baby to change positions and always lay the toddler on his side for 5 minutes until the ear cleaning fluid really enters his ear

Cover the baby’s ear hole with a round cotton so that the ear cleaning fluid does not flow out

Regularly Take the Little One to the ENT Doctor

There is another method of sterilizing your baby’s ears that is quite effective to try, which is to regularly take your baby to the ENT doctor. By visiting an ENT doctor, your baby’s ears will be cleaned reliably and comfortably. In this way, ear problems on the Baby can also be avoided.

Things to Avoid When Sterilizing Baby’s Ears

Here are some things that you must stay away from when sterilizing your baby’s ears so they don’t make serious mistakes.

Wearing a Cotton Bud When Sterilizing Your Ears

Do you think that cotton buds are an efficient tool for sterilizing your baby’s ears? In fact, cotton buds actually have the potential to make earwax go deeper into the ear canal. Not only that, cotton buds can also cause injury to the baby’s ears if you wear it very hard.

Squeezing Earwax With Your Finger

Also stay away from picking up the little one’s earwax using your fingers, Mom. Even if your finger is clean. The reason is that the method of sterilizing a toddler’s ear using a finger can hurt a toddler’s ear and cause inflammation.

Just like cotton buds, fingers also cause earwax to be pushed inwards. So the baby’s ears don’t always become clean when cleaned with fingers, but instead keep getting dirty because there is dirt that enters.

Don’t Immediately Take To The Doctor If You Have Problems

Immediately take your baby to the ENT doctor if there are problems when sterilizing your baby’s ears, such as the baby’s inner ear hurts after cleaning or the little one becomes fussy.

So, those are some things you need to know about how to sterilize your baby’s ears properly and correctly. When the dirt is cleaned with the right method, you can avoid the problem of hearing loss in your baby. Not only sterilizing the ears, you are also required to be able to bathe your baby properly, you know. Mom, peek at the method of bathing the Baby, come on.