10 Things You Can Do When Your Body Is Sick

Every human being must want his body to remain fit, fresh and healthy. However, sometimes it is possible when the immune system decreases plus solid activity or stress makes us unable to avoid the emergence of the disease.

The body does have its capacity, so we must understand the limits of tolerance when the body starts to get tired, lacks rest, or the diet starts to become irregular. That’s when you have to give a good portion of the body so that the condition returns to normal. However, if you are already sick, there are some important things that you must do as first aid, so that the body’s condition can improve again.

1. Add your sleep time
Sleep is a vital physical need. If the body starts to feel sick, sleep can be a solution to relax. The pain you feel can come from a lack of rest.
Keep in mind, that adults have a rest period of eight hours a day. By giving extra sleep time, your body that will get sick can recover and be able to fight the disease that wants to attack you.

2. Drinking water with an ideal measure
Water is a very vital need for the body. Keep in mind, that the ideal drinking dose recommendation for the body is as much as a minimum of eight glasses or two liters a day. In order for the condition and body fluids to be maintained properly. If the body has already contracted the disease, it is recommended to pay attention to the portion of your water consumption so that it is ideal and according to the minimum dose.

3. Drink warm drinks
Warm drinks are not only good for cold weather, but also good for those who are or will be sick. A warm sensation seems to flow in the body as soon as you drink it. It is certainly good to relax the body, especially when you feel tired.
Sugarless hot tea with the addition of real honey and fresh lemon juice rich in Vitamin C can be one of the healthiest drinks you can make.

4. Change food menu
The body that will be attacked by the disease will usually lose appetite. It’s good at times like that, you try to change the food menu if you will arouse your appetite again.
Don’t just stick to food for sick people in general, like porridge. Other soft foods that are not less tasty like oatmeal, pudding, toast, jelly or gelatin, might be some of the menus that you deserve to try to give the tongue a fresh and sweet sensation, so that appetite may be aroused.

5. Avoid foods that trigger disease
In addition to preparing foods that arouse your appetite when sick, there are also some foods that need to be avoided. Ice cream, cold foods or drinks can be some menus that you need to take care of, especially if you suffer from a body ache like a cold or cough. Eating the menu is feared to actually worsen your body’s condition.

6. Read books
Reading activities with the right position and good lighting can be an option when you are sick. Reading books, magazines, comics, or other readings that have not been completed can be one way to forget the pain you are feeling. This type of reading that is useful and entertaining is very good for relaxing the mind when you’re not feeling well, while eliminating boredom.

7. Listen to a soothing voice
When the body’s condition is not feeling well or sick, you definitely don’t want any disturbing sounds, like noise and others. So, it’s better to separate yourself from peace and noise, rest your body and provide a special room that is comfortable and quiet. If necessary, listen to the sound recordings of nature that present the birds singing, the flow of water and the calm nuances of nature that are free from the hustle and bustle of human life.

8. Hydrotherapy
In addition to the bed, you can spend a moment to do hydrotherapy, especially when the condition of the sick body begins to improve. Hydrotherapy is physical therapy by soaking in warm water. No special preparation is needed to enjoy hydrotherapy. You just need to provide a bathtub in the bathroom that contains warm water, so you can do simple hydrotherapy. The warmth of the water will relax the muscles and reduce pain in the body. Hydrotherapy is also known to be good for people with fever or sinuses.

9. Prepare important objects around you
When the body is sick, you might be lazy to get out of bed. So before you decide to lie down and rest, you should prepare some needs that can be reached from the bed.
Don’t forget to provide a glass of water and a pitcher with enough water, medicines, tissues, reading books, or other things that are useful.

10. Immediately see a doctor
Before you lie in bed to rest, you should also take time to seek treatment and consult any complaints and symptoms of bodily pain that you feel. This is so that you can get help immediately and the right and effective treatment.
Never underestimate the pain you feel, because some diseases do require treatment in order to recover completely.